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  • "As nervous first time landlords Watsons guided us through the process and provided expert advice to help us buy our first rental property. The service provided was extremely professional, and we’d highly recommend them as agents to anyone considering becoming a landlord."

    Daniel & Lucy Hart.

  • "The service we have received is excellent! I would highly recommend using them as they have proved to be the most efficient company who have dealt with the management of our portfolio."

    Trevone Properties Ltd

  • I was very nervous letting my property for the first time, but Sarah and the team have made the whole process seem very easy. They explained everything I needed to know as a Landlord and have kept me informed throughout my tenancies. I would not hesitate to recommend them."

    James Pickering

  • "Sarah has delivered on everything that she promised and I can honestly say that the service has been first class. I would thoroughly recommend Sarah and her team to anyone who is looking to let out their property."

    David & Shaneen Cox

  • "I can’t thank Sarah enough for her kind and efficient assistance before, during and after my move. All her colleagues there work as a team and when I spoke to any of them it was seamless. In an era when agencies get a bad rep it’s good to be able to speak positively about one"

    Colin Gibbs

  • "I would highly recommend Gavin and his team to anyone thinking of using them to rent out their property and if we are in a position in the future where we require a service like this, I wouldn’t hesitate to return to them. Excellent service from start to finish."

    J Beckett

  • "Very helpful agent going beyond the call of duty offering me free and useful advice about my flat. Found a new tenant after 1 morning of viewings – they booked 5 appointments back to back in one session to minimise disruption to my existing tenants. Would recommend."

    Sarah Smith

  • "Usually don’t feel compelled to leave reviews, but Watson’s simply went above and beyond what would be expected of an Estate Agent. From the ease of organising the tenancy to the efficiency of sorting out minor repair work on the flat they were absolutely faultless."

    William Cassar

  • "Outstanding. We were reluctant landlords, enforced through a work move overseas, and seriously debated selling rather than risk rental. But, Gavin, with very able support from Christine, provided us all the reassurance we needed."

    Mr & Mrs Wain

  • "I have used the team since the beginning and have always had a great relationship with them. The lettings team always have a smile on their face and a helping hand in any situation."

    Peter Furlong, Smallglen properties.

  • "I honestly couldn’t leave my property in better hands."

    Pauline Foster-Brown

  • "Having used other agents, I finally came to Watsons and found them extremely helpful, professional and efficient. I would truly recommend them."

    Jean Raza

  • "Having used Watsons to manage my property for the last 4 years, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. It’s great to be able to place your property in their hands knowing full well that they are acting on your best interest."

    Jack Norris

  • "Watsons have provided us with excellent service and we would recommend them to anyone."

    Dr Vasfi

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